Special SOLAR ENERGY and Wind energy investors
Your are investor and want to invest into a solar energy production unit ? We are the one you are looking for. Project management from the reliability budget calculation to construction and grid connection. We supply turn key solutions respecting your target from the project technical study and design. Premium suppliers are our partners to assure you a long term reliablity of your investment. More than 280 project realized in Europe , our experience for your satisfaction. Call us we will do your project Turnkey.
Individual solar energy equipement according Moldovan Balance of energy law
Benefit as individual of the net metering and balance of energy law who will be soon launch in Moldova. Make your energy bill becoming almost zero Lei after 5 or 6 years and for the next 30 years, no more fear about energy price rising. It's simple , efficient and it's supported by the MOREEFF program with a 20% grant.      
SOLARTECH ENERGY is able to be your partner from the beginning of your project until the energy production start. We also provide all kind of after sales services as well as installation training and energy efficiency calculations.
Project Construction
Self Consumption
Solar Energy Systems
Ceramic Paint
  • First solar energy farm construction in Moldova ready to be launch
    First solar energy farm construction in Moldova ready to be launch

    The first solar project dedicated to the total resell of energy to the grid ( Union Fenosa) will be operationnal the 12th of December, date of the transformer delivery. The project is already a curiosity as that is the first one that size in Moldova, but also because the technology used gives to the project an incredible nice exclusiv out looking. The first kilowat per hour , will be produce before Christmas. 

  • E.B.A

    Solartech Energy has become member of the European Business Association. EBA support, and encourage investment within the Moldovan country. Action of EBA are to be close to the foreign investors as well as close to the Molovan companies, to enhance and improve all what can help in developping a profitable business climate in Moldova.

  • First solar facade equipment in Moldova
    First solar facade equipment in Moldova

    Solartech Energy achieve a 3 kW equipement by Botanica in Chisinau made with amorphous solar panel placed on the building facade. Solar energy can also participate to the design of an house or a building, and be efficient to help in a better energy cost reducing.

  • Solartech Energy launch wind energy programm
    Solartech Energy launch wind energy programm
    1. Solartech Energy has launch is first wind energy programm with the target of 5 wind turbine of 1 Mw individual power installed in Moldova before the end the year. This program is motivated by the reduction of renewable energy cost target according with the needs of energy operator and regulator. The program is supported fully by private foreign investors.
  • Solartech Energy official MOREEFF partner
    Solartech Energy official MOREEFF partner

    Solartech Energy has received the label of official MOREEFF partner in the field of solar energy installation for private houshold concerned by the MOREEFF program. MOREEFF programm is dedicated to help with grants from 20 to 35% for the energy effciency equipment for private house or flat owner.

  • First grid connected domestic installation in Moldova
    First grid connected domestic installation in Moldova

    3 kW solar energy installation at Hirtopul Mic , region Criulen in Moldova with the assistance and support of  Red Union Fenosa. The installation is dedicated to self energy consumption and balance of the energy not consumed. that installation is the first offical one in Moldova connected to the grid.